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Fat Lads on Bikes

The Fat Lads on Bikes

The size of your waist band is irrelevant. It is the size of your heart that matters. If you are interested in taking part in any of the events organised by the Fat Lads and raising money towards Ward 14 or our charity Partners then please get in touch because tomorrow could be too late. #itsallaboutward14

Phat Lasses in Trainers

The Phat Lasses in Trainers

The Aim of the Phat Lasses in trainers is to inspire mothers, daughters, sisters and kids to get involved in fund raising for local causes and get fit at the same time. Come on girls #bephatbeproud join the Phat Lasses today and become part of our #teesvalleyfamily

Cool Kids Jog On

Cool Kids Jog On

If you’re aged between 5 & 12 and would like to raise money by doing sponsored bike rides, swimming and running, or maybe silly things like sitting in a bath of baked beans, or you just have a fab idea that you and your friends want to tell us about, then get your mum or dad to get in touch with the Fat Lads or Phat Lasses

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Monstrous Morals Written by Peter Barron - Illustrated by Paul Wick and David Wright

Black Toothed Ruth Black


About us in Numbers big things often have small beginings

Testimonials a message from Ali Brownlee - 1959 - 2016

The Fat Lads(and lasses) are amongst the most inspirational groups pf people I have ever met,and presenting BBC Tees Breakfast together with the Boro football commentaries I have come across a fair few !!!!

Little did I realise when Neal popped into the Breakfast Studio one morning, and challenged me to ride with them from Whitby to Middlesbrough in June 2015 ,what I was letting myself in for ..

To begin with I had not ridden a bike in 40 years,didn't own a bike and was a few pounds in weight above the limit, but thanks to Godleys Cycles in Nunthorpe the bike was sorted and I was on my way.

The most important thing is, however, the focus on raising money and attention for James Cook University Hospital Ward 14 and after a visit there ahead of the bike ride, I am sure Neal wont mind me admitting they are the real heroes of all the efforts.

So long may the Fat Lads..and Lasses go from strength to strength!!!

Up the Boro!!!

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Our Goals and Ambitions help us achieve them

Continue to attract new members to our already fantastic team of fund raisers

To encourage more local celebrities to get behind us and join us so we can raise awareness of what we are trying to achieve within the local community

To develop the cool kids section and grow the membership so that we can encourage young people to raise funds for local causes

Free TV Subscriptions for Ward 14 patients.

Free WI-FI available on the Ward

Holistic Therapy Sessions

To Develop our brand further, and to encourage local businesses to sponsor support us

To Increase the Amount of Funds Raised for Ward 14 and surpass 2015’s Total


To increase the amount of participants at each of our events

Develop a mobile application platform for Fat Lads on Bikes and Phat Lasses in Trainers.

Application will feature News Updates, Event Updates, Event Locations and Directions

Will have the facillity to purchase event tickets and make donations direct to the charity

Well done! Thank you

We can't do this without your help, here's just some of the money that you have helped to raise in some of our recent events.


Launch Night - Eston Labour Club

£4,658.00 Complete (success)


Whitby to Riverside 

£1,876.70 Complete (success)


Fat Lads with Clubs

£3,098.53 Complete (success)


Muffin Tops 

£3,890.81 Complete (success)


Coast to Coast 

£3,485.00 Complete (success)


Great North Run 

£9,657.50 Complete (success)


Polka Dot Ball 

£2,419.58 Complete (success)

Newboulds Butchers has chosen the Fat Lads on Bikes as their Nominated Charity 2016

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Our Partners helping us to grow


Raising money for WARD 14 at the James Cook Hospital and supporting local causes #itsallaboutward14 #teessidefamily we look after our own

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The Fat Lads on Bikes

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