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You never expect it to happen to you do you? Normal lads, living normal lives, a traditional, and typical, ‘Boro’ family. Hearing the devastating news that someone you love dearly has the dreaded ‘C’, your life changes immediately. Sometimes the change is sadly for the worst and for some, thankfully, the better.

For Linda Auckland, to be diagnosed with Breast Cancer for the second time within a three year period, it was difficult to comprehend just what life meant. The normal lives of the Auckland family were temporarily shattered. Many agonising months of gruelling treatment followed and at times, the prognosis did not look so good. Linda was admitted to Ward 14, a specialist Cancer care unit, based at James Cook University Hospital. A small, unknown section of what is now an ever developing part of Middlesbrough yet the love and care in the hearts of the specialist team of nurses and consultants is immeasurable. The work that these amazing individuals undertake each day for not only the patients in their care, but for the families affected by this horrific illness, must be recognised. Without them, Linda, along with many others who have been in receipt of such care, would not be with us today.

Ward 14 is funded by the NHS And uses charitable funding to provide items and services for the patients over and above what the NHS provides, They provide Free TV Subscription and Holistic Therapy sessions and have ambitions to be able to offer so much more such as hairdressing, manicure, make up service, Free Wi-Fi and they have big plans to build a conservatory at the side of the ward – BUT, THEY NEED YOUR HELP! Glenn Auckland and Neal Bullock, Linda’s son and nephew respectively, joked that maybe they could… “Just two fat lads on bikes raising money for charity” …and that is all it took. Their lives changing for the better and, The Fat Lads on Bikes, were born, followed soon after by the Phat Lasses in Trainers and together they will ensure that money is raised goes towards improving lives not just those on ward 14 but those that live with in the Teesvalley

In the first year of fund raising the group has raised a staggering £30,000 for ward 14 and in 2016 they want to go much higher than that and try and raise £50.000 , so what are you waiting for join us today.

The next 12 months is going to be very busy for the Fat Lads on Bikes! Together, we can change lives - so please get involved!

Thank you Neal Bullock, Glenn Auckland and Paul Sykes

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  • Tony Mcmahon
  • Phil Stamp
  • Keith Barron
  • Glen Durrant
  • Ali Brownlee
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  • Royston Vasey

Fat Lads on Bikes

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Raising money for WARD 14 at the James Cook Hospital and supporting local causes #itsallaboutward14 #teessidefamily we look after our own

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