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Raising Awareness

The Foundation's aim is to ensure vital support information and services are made readily available to ensure the welfare of children who may require them.

Financial Support

The Foundation has helped so many disadvantaged and sick children to acquire essential medical equipment, household amenities and clothing.

Education Support

During difficult times we think its vital a childs education is still able to progress, the foundation has provided iPads, Books and Learning Aids to families to ensure they can continue to Learn.

Fundraising Events

We can't do what we do with out your help, the foundation holds fundraising events all year round. Please check our social media pages regularly for upcoming events.

Ellen Timney Foundation

We are a small, locally run charity supporting sick and underprivileged children in our area, The foundation is totally run be volunteers and without their help we would not succeed.

Ellen Timney was just an ordinary mam who did everything for her family and friends. She was first diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer while I was pregnant with my second child. At that time doctors thought it a ‘waste of time’ giving her chemotherapy. Mam wanted to fight all the way and demanded that she had treatment. She fought back and had chemo and radiotherapy at the same time. This was an extremely tough time for her but she was desperate to keep going to meet her new grandchild.

Mam loved her life and her family and friends. She helped people, without realising the effect she had on their lives. Mam always said ‘It costs nothing to give your time and to enjoy each moment for what it is.’ When I was growing up there always seemed to be someone knocking on our door just to ‘chat to Ellen’.

Mam had about six good years before the cancer returned, this time in her brain, spine, chest, bones and lungs. After mam had been diagnosed terminally ill with only months left, Ron Darby, a close family friend approached us regarding a foundation in mam's name. He said that mam had helped through a difficult time in his life and this was his way of keeping mam’s name alive. Little did we know at the time how the foundation would grow.  It was mam's wish that any money raised would support sick and underprivileged children primarily in our area.

After our first fundraising event people thought we would struggle to continue to raise money as there are so many charities out there. How wrong they were! It is difficult to continuously raise funds but as the charity continues to grow so do our volunteers. We have a few main volunteers that give their time freely and as word spreads about the children we have supported, so does our volunteers!

I don't know what mam would think about the support we have had from complete strangers regarding the foundation, but good news spreads and because of this the foundation is growing continuously.

Jane Morgan (Ellen’s daughter and trustee)

The Ellen Timney Foundation and the Fat Lads on Bikes and Phat Lasses in Trainers, have joined forces to help underprivileged kids and children with specialist conditions in the Tees valley area. “Jane Morgan, Ellen’s Daughter is a truly wonderful person and a shining example to me personally, she has such dedication and compassion for what she does and along with the other trustees of the Ellen Time Foundation they do amazing work together. I am personally looking forward to working on many more projects together in the future” For us to be able to provide this web space for them as well as a new logo is an honour and a privilege, I hope in some way this repays them for the generosity that they have shown not only for Millie and her sensory room but that of all the children they have helped over the years should you wish to know more about what they do please don’t hesitate to contact Jane direct
Neal Bullock



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We are a small local charity which is run by a team of volunteers. The Foundation was site up to celebrate the life of Ellen Timney.

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Ellen Timney Foundation

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