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Wagner is a Boro fan! X Factor legend sings support for the team

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Cult Brazilian singer - an X Factor finalist on the TV talent show in 2010 - has posted a Facebook message on eve of Brighton clash

X Factor legend Wagner is backing the Boro.

The cult Brazilian performer has filmed a message of support ahead of tomorrow’spromotion clash with Brighton .

The Brazilian singer - full name Wagner Fiuza-Carrilho - was a finalist on the TV talent show in 2010 and since then has been posting videos online , sending messages, songs and shout-outs to his fans.

And it seems Neal Bullock - leader of the Fat Lads on Bikes charity fundraising group - is the man to thank/blame for Wagner’s Boro ditty.

Wearing unusual headgear and, fittingly, a red T-shirt, Wagner begins the video with: “A message to Leo, Terry, Sebastian and Les - from Neal Bullock.”

And the message? “Up the Boro - we’re going up!” Or, as Wagner pronounces it, “App the burrow!”

He then breaks into a surprisingly tuneful rendition of the familiar refrain: “We’re Middlesbrough, we’re Middlesbrough, everywhere we go, everyone will know, we’re Middlesbrough...”

Football chants have got the entertainer in a spot of bother in the past, when he was forced to apologise for singing pro-IRA lyrics at the request of a fan, saying he didn’t know what the words meant.

But judging by the smile on his face, there’s no misunderstanding this time - and he looks confident Boro are heading to the Premier League. [...]

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