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GNR Team 2015



On the 13th September our 30 strong team of Fat Lads and Phat Lasses joined Mo Farrah and took part in the 35th Great North Run, know as the hardest and most famous half marathon in the world.

The sun soared on the day to over 20 degrees even though heavy rain and cool temperatures had been predicted, the atmosphere was electric, the crowds were amazing, the outfits were brilliant, the run was hard and seeing the support team at the end was the best feeling ever.

On the build up to the day through the power of Facebook 30 almost strangers became a brilliant team, we had people who love to run to absolute beginners, we had countdowns, banter, support and advice, a pasta outing a selfie challenge and with injuries galore all 30 of us still crossed that finish line at South Shields (and anyone that tells you it's the longest 800 yards ever is spot on).

Between us we have raised a massive amount for ward 14 and I'm amazed to say most of them want to do it all again next year. #fatlads #phatlasses #gnr2015 #amazing

Mel x

Glenn L Auckland - Time: 02:26:09
Andy Mcdonald - Time: 02:25:48
Bradley Moss - Time: 02:19:37
Sandie Hall - Time: 03:02
Gemma Staines - Time: 02:25
Mel Tuner - Time: 02:36:54
Peter Barnes - Time: 02:13:15
Shaun Falconer - Time: 01:39:39
Jane Rayner - Time: 03:12:11
Kay Rogers - Time: 02:10
Sarah Emmerson - Time: 02:11:13
Glenn Auckland - Time: 02:26
Paul Sykes - Time: 3:13:55
Kerry Welch - Time: 02:15:52
Jane Harvey - Time: 03:02
Sarah Benson - Time: 04:11:55
Pamela Winter - Time: 02:36:54
Lee Cole Mosley - Time: 02:15
Angela Cole Mosley - Time: 02:26
Chris Dyke - Time: 02:10:54
Sarah Jane Garbutt - Time: 03:25
Catherine Dewing - Time: 02:05
Fiona Young - Time: 02:09
Jane Meynell - Time:
Andrew Harvey - Time: 02:02
Rachel Patterson - Time: 02:11
Jonathan Gallagher - Time: 01:52:52
Jane Rowney - Time: 02:29
Michelle Hudson - Time: 02:38
Adam Rowney - Time: 02:02





Raising money for WARD 14 at the James Cook Hospital and supporting local causes #itsallaboutward14 #teessidefamily we look after our own

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