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Put a Lid on it Campaign

Cycle Safety Campaign

Cycle Safety Campaign

  Neal Bullock
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The fat lads on bikes has always had one BIG rule – NO helmet NO ride!

It’s a simple message and such a simple thing to use and yes you may look funny they are not the prettiest things in the world but they SAVE LIVES! Now some people dispute that fact considering other parts of the body are not protected, but why take a chance.

The head is the most delicate part of the body so look after it and PUT A LID ON IT!

On the 19th August 2015 if I hadn’t been wearing my helmet I would have possibly been killed it’s that simple, I hit a wall at close to 40 miles per hour while cycling the coast to coast with the rest of the fat lad’s, it was a wet overcast miserable day and I thought I was in control and I was wrong, the road conditions change in seconds and I was powerless to stop myself from hitting the stone dyke wall, as soon as I hit the wall I was literally bounced along it, smashing my head of a large boulder and somersaulting into the road, I broke 4 ribs and punctured a lung !

BUT I never received so much as a scratch or a bump on my head! WHY because on the 19th August 2015 my 42 birthday I had my helmet on, and it most certainly saved this Fat Lads Life and made me even more determined to make sure that as Fat Lads AND Phat Lasses we encourage everyone young and old to make sure that when you’re out on a bike either on road or off road, popping the shop or just out with you mates you


Neal Bullock – Chairman fonder of the Fat Lads on Bikes


 Cyclists' Touring Club


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Raising money for WARD 14 at the James Cook Hospital and supporting local causes #itsallaboutward14 #teessidefamily we look after our own

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